Jason, Brittani, Vanessa, Mat, Sarah, Sara, Aiden, Ashley, and Mercedes

Jason Burroughs is a graduate of the Compass Youth Program and an aspiring painter. Jason paints mostly with oil-based paint markers and/or acrylic paint. “I am inspired greatly by all of the artists in Gloucester and I hope to have a gallery of my own in the future.” Jason has chosen to support Action. Action has several programs to help improve the North Shore community, including Jason’s school Compass Youth Program. “I chose Action because I feel it is time for me to give back to them for all the things they have done for me and my community.”

Ashley is an aspiring fashion designer with a love for vintage and art. “I’ve always loved designing accessories and clothes! A lot of my inspirations come from history, music, and comics/anime. My goal is to help people feel confident in themselves and to not be afraid to stick out a little.” http://macadamdesign.com/ashleyguest/

Aiden Symes enjoys silk screening, painting and drawing. He uses mostly stencils in his work and his art uses a lot of bright colors and dark outlines. “I’m inspired by pop art, street art and local art. I screen t-shirts and paint skateboard decks as I attempt to get my brand name, Blue Monster, going.” Aiden is donating 10% of his proceeds to the Thacher Island Association. His shirts are available at Art Haven, R 3 Sons in Rockport, and the Cape Ann Farmer's Market.

Sarah Haferman

Sara Adam, Jessica Adam and Caitlin Coates are now known as the beach side bakers! “We have always loved sweet treats! For the past few years we have baked cupcakes for friends and family. We enjoy creating fun designs that represent our love for the beach. After walking through the farmers market one day, we decided this would be an excellent place to expand our small business into a larger one. We are going to donate 10% of our profit to the Perfect Storm Foundation Inc. This organization helps give an education to kids with family members in the fishing industry, just like how T.A.G is giving us an opportunity to succeed. “

Sparkle Sisters. Vanessa is 18 and a senior in high school & Brittani is 15 going into her sophomore year. We like glitter. a lot. We like glitter because it makes everything prettier. Glitter makes the world go round. We don't see ourselves as artists we just like to get creative & add some shine to the world.

Mercedes is going to be a freshman in high school this fall. She has developed her own clothing line for young children and babies called Tiny Leaf. “Tiny Leaf is about quality handmade clothes that are wearable and fun.” Mercedes is donating 10% of her profits to the Cape Ann Waldorf School K-8 where she recently graduated from.

Mat Schetne. I am the Entrepreneurship Director here at Art Haven and I head up the TAG program.If you have any questions about TAG, how to join, how to support us, where we are showing/selling work please feel free to contact me at schetne@gmail.com or call Art Haven and ask for Mat!